Foto: Jaap Kroon

The song “Change Our Game” was written following the terrorist attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2016. The song is about ourselves (human beings), who want in essence the same thing: “Peaceful and prosperous life together.” This is what we wish each other every time at the beginning of a New Year.

The song can be purchased online and the revenues will go to the victims of the terroristic attacks in Brussels (via Life4Brussels) and to the PlayandPeace project in Molenbeek (50/50). Please buy the song online (for two EUROs!) and support our objectives: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelschotanus


In the music video #ChangeOurGame, the colours of the city of Brussels (yellow and blue) are coming to life. If these colours come together then the city will be united. This is represented by Soufiane – (yellow jacket) and Nouhad Lahlali (blue jacket). They are the children of Abdallah Lahlali and Lou Loubna.  Abdallah Lahlali was severely wounded at Zaventem airport. The love and support given to  the family Lahlali from their surroundings is a force that helps them to move forward. However this remains a difficult task.


Foto: Jaap Kroon, Ontwerp Jacques Koeweiden

Music Contest

The music contest is linked to the song and we invite schools, youth organisations and citizens to join in. As an individual, a group (class) or more groups (classes) are challenged to perform their own interpretation of (part of) the song. The contest provides a platform for people to join the call for living together in peace and to work towards fraternisation.

Contributions can be send to info@playandpeace.com (please send big files via WeTransfer), until the 31th December 2018. The winner will receive 500 Euro’s. More information on the contest and lyrics on our Facebookpage and our YouTube page #ChangeOurGame.


More information about:
Mr. Abdallah Lahlali: https://www.facebook.com/vrtpano/videos/10155737544544625/

Please find the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uos_iclsAg

Please find hereby the link to the audio song: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelschotanus


More information about the partners:

PlayandPeace is a platform created after the terrible attacks in Brussels (March 2016). The purpose of the project is to realize a Cruyff Court in Molenbeek. In doing so, train young Molenbekers (trainers) in the 14 life rules of Johan Cruyff (derived from the universally well-known sport rules). To give these trainers the tools to bring together hard-to-reach young people on the Cruyff Court. Thereby creating new opportunities for these young people to come into contact with the 14 life rules of Johan Cruyff, which are also important for their further life. In addition the trainers are rewarded for their challenging job by connecting them to companies which are linked to the project (develop possible prospect of a job in the future).

With this project PlayandPeace wants to promote new concepts that can contribute to the physical health and sporting & social mentality of our youth in Brussels. PlayandPeace has organized a music contest to give citizens the opportunity to participate in the project as well. This international music contest will run until 31th December 2018. The proceeds of the ChangeOurGame song will go to the project and the Organization of the victims in Brussels (50/50) and can be bought for a few euros via online platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. We hope that European citizens and in particular many Brussels residents will join in.


Johan Cruyff Foundation
The Johan Cruyff Foundations gets young people exercising so they can play together and grow in their development; because active children move up. Sports and play improves the fitness of the children, teaches them to get along, and helps them to develop. Through Cruyff Courts, Schoolplein14, and sports projects for children with a disability we want to motivate children to get active.

We help keep thousands of children all over the world active every week. The Johan Cruyff Foundation is supported by several partners: the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, AkzoNobel, Seacon Logistics, Unilever, COOP Supermarkets, and the People’s Postcode Lottery.


Cruyff Courts
A Cruyff Court is an interpretation of the timeless neighbourhood football pitch, updated for the modern age: a place where people can come to incorporate principles like respect, health, integration, self-improvement, and playing together into their daily lives. There are more than 200 Cruyff Courts located across the world.


Cruyff Court Mbo Penza in Molenbeek WITH THE SUPPORT OF British Telecom
Since 2011 BT has been supporting the Johan Cruyff Foundation focusing on the Foundation’s community program Heroes of the Cruyff Court. The program aims to empower young people to organise their own local sports events on a Cruyff Court, to become a role model for their community and to stay involved with the Cruyff Court. Next to financial contributions – from employee fundraising activities – many BT employees are volunteers at Cruyff Foundation events.

In 2014 BT, the Cruyff Foundation and the City of Mechelen opened the first Cruyff Court in Belgium, in Mechelen. We continued our support to this project with training of coaches for the Heroes of the Cruyff Court program, sports materials and in 2016 BT employees raised the budget for a water tap on the pitch with the BT Challenge fundraising cycling tour.


Fabrice De Windt, CEO BT Benelux: “We are committed to being a purposeful, responsible business. We are proud of the years of cooperation with the Cruyff Foundation and the positive impact of the program in Mechelen. Therefore we would like to support the PlayandPeace initiative with a financial contribution for the Cruyff Court in Molenbeek and support the YouTube campaign ‘Change our Game’”.


“Thanks to the victim support association, which will soon see the day, we wish to help the families of the lost or injured by bringing them some emotional support and most of all let them know that they are not alone. We wish to thank PlayandPeace for their support and generosity. 50 % of the benefits from the song will be donated to our association in order to help the victims.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU !”