The initiative

The city of Brussels was hit by horrific terrorist attacks the 22th March 2016. Shortly thereafter, platform PlayandPeace was founded in close cooperation with the #Municipality #Molenbeek.

The #goals explained in video by PlayandPeace and Molenbeek. The #urgency communicated by the RWDM Girls. PlayandPeace and the partners involved want to inspire, motivate, encourage and connect.

Ahmed Larouz: “Our aim is to create more positive connections between people in Brussels and strengthen the social cohesion by building a place where the youth can safely play and learn. We want to built a sport infrastructure, central in the community: «Cruyff Court» Molenbeek.”

The Result

#Cruyff Court Molenbeek opened 22th March 2018 at Muzenpark in Molenbeek. The strategy made for #Molenbeek was turned into music and the song #ChangeOurGame was created. The press room keeps you informed.

Sport in General and football in particular is an excellent tool to bridge communication – and cultural differences. In football mutual respect is key and it’s a way to show that people can be proud of their origin and culture without having to isolate themselves from the rest of society.



Next: 2018 - 2019

The song ChangeOurGame will be at the heart of our next campaign. PlayandPeace and Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen will announce the 28th June at the Cruyff Court Molenbeek the start of the new public campaign #ChangeOurGame in Belgium. You are very welcome to come. The ceremony will start at 17.00 hrs, followed by a mini-football tournament. So don’t miss it!