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PlayandPeace Milk can Tour (365 days!)

Everybody can join the challenge for Brussels. We will start a milk can tour (= collecting box) campaign. The funds that are collected will be used to realise a Cruyff Court in Brussels. The campaign will start on June 11 and will last for 365 days!

The milk can will be forwarded from one organisation to another organisation. The one holding the milk can decide to which organisation it will be passed along. Organisations that would like to participate could also inform PlayandPeace by sending an email.

For participating organisations:

  1. The organisation will produce its own report of the collection:
    • For example, place a message on your website with a link to PlayandPeace (Facebook, Instragram, Twitter)
    • Send photos to
  2. The organisation makes a photo (together with the milk can and a team of employees) and publishes the name of the next organisation to which they will bring the milk can the next day. This information will be shared with
  3. The organisation transfers the collected amount to:
    • NL95 INGB 0000 00 1414 (Johan Cruyff Foundation)
    • Reference: PlayandPeace Brussels

There are two different types of milk cans:
Milk can for organisations other than municipalities:

For example: companies, football clubs, NGOs, schools, hospitals, government bodies such as Parliaments, etc. etc.

Milk can for municipalities:

The mayor and the board of aldermen will decide which mayor is being challenged to participate with the tour. Employees of the municipality will collect money on the streets, during events, markets, etc. Also, a mayor outside Belgium could be challenged, for example Mr. Eberhard van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam or Mr. Sadiq Khan from London. The milk can could stay for several days (up to a week) at the municipality.

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