The song “Change Our Game” was written following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, 22 March 2016. The song is about ourselves (human beings), who want in essence the same thing: “A peaceful and prosperous life together.” This is what we wish each other every time at the beginning of a New Year.

Public campaign #ChangeOurGame

Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen and the platform PlayandPeace start a unique collaboration with RWDM Girls with the public campaign #ChangeOurGame. During the upcoming football season, the three partners commit to support the sale of the song ChangeOurGame and raise money for the following causes:

  1. A benefit concert for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Belgium
  2. Cruyff Court Molenbeek / Schoolyard 14
  3. Focus on women’s football in Belgium and in particular support for the RWDM Girls

The positive and hopeful song ChangeOurGame that was written after the attacks in Brussels and Zaventem can be purchased here for 2.5 euros.

Videoclip #ChangeOurGame

In the music video #ChangeOurGame, the colours of the city of Brussels (yellow and blue) are coming to life. If these colours come together then the city will be united. This is represented by Soufiane – (yellow jacket) and Nouhad Lahlali (blue jacket). They are the children of Abdallah Lahlali and Lou Loubna.  Abdallah Lahlali was severely wounded at Zaventem airport. The love and support given to  the family Lahlali from their surroundings is a force that helps them to move forward. However this remains a difficult task.


Photos Jaap Kroon and design by Jacques Koeweiden

Music Contest

A music contest is linked to the song and we invite schools, youth organisations and citizens to join in. As an individual, a group (class) or more groups (classes) are challenged to perform their own interpretation of (part of) the song. The contest provides a platform for people to join the call for living together in peace and to work towards fraternisation.

Contributions can be send to info@playandpeace.com (please send big files via WeTransfer), until the May 2019. The winner will receive 500 Euro’s. More information on the contest and lyrics on our Facebookpage and our YouTube page#ChangeOurGame.


More information about:
Mr. Abdallah Lahlali: https://www.facebook.com/vrtpano/videos/10155737544544625/

Please find the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uos_iclsAg

Please find hereby the link to the audio song: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelschotanus