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Invitation to participate in song contest, theme is reflection and interconnection

The terrorist attacks in the world have impacted many people’s lives throughout recent years.  In Brussels “PlayandPeace” was founded as a platform to help find joint paths of connection and fraternisation in the city and in the neighbourhoods. As well as the “Life for Brussels” association  helping victims of the Brussels attacks. Together, we seek your attention!

 PlayandPeace asked a group of musicians from Belgium and the Netherlands to compose a song about the theme and this is when “Change Our Game” was created.  “Life for Brussels” is closely involved in the making of the music video.  In this song, the musicians call for reflection and reconciliation. A song contest is linked to the song and we invite your organisation to join in. As an individual, a group (class) or more groups (classes) are challenged to perform their own interpretation of (part of) the song. With this participation, your organization would join the call for living together in peace and to work towards fraternisation.

You can send your +contribution to info@playandpeace.com (please send big files via WeTransfer), until the 24th March 2017. The winners will receive each EUR 500  (three price categories).

More information is enclosed.  Please also read carefully the annex with more information about the song and the lyrics. You may find the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uos_iclsAg (confidential, official release 26th January).

Furthermore, you could advertise within your network and organisation for purchasing the song too. All revenues would go to the victims of the terroristic attacks in Brussels (via Life for Brussels) and to the PlayandPeace project in Molenbeek (50/50). Online purchasing song: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelschotanus

With kind regards,
Unico van Kooten, Ahmed Larouz en Jamilla Adda

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