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Launch online campaign Cruyff Court Mbo Mpenza on 11 November

The city of Brussels was hit by horrific terrorist attacks on 22 March. In response, PlayandPeace, the Johan Cruyff Foundation together with the Municipality of Molenbeek formulated a challenge which seeks to connect people in Brussels and strengthens the social cohesion within the city. 

The objective of the challenge is to establish a visible mark of unity in diversity inside Molenbeek. A place where our children can play and learn. A « Cruyff Court » in Molenbeek. A Cruyff Court is a modern playground accompanied with the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff.

We started on the 11th of June in Molenbeek with an awareness campaign, with the support of the college of the mayor and aldermen of Molenbeek and many other politicians, public figures and community leaders. On the 11th November we follow up on this with the online campaign and release of the video for promoting the challenge for Brussels, Molenbeek (see URL next page).

The Court will be named after its Ambassador: Cruyff Court Mbo Mpenza

Announcement music contest “Change Our Game” 14 December

On 14th December the song contest “Change Our Game” will start. Everybody in Brussels, Belgium and internationally can participate. The aim is to give citizens (young and old) an opportunity to participate in the formulated challenge for Brussels and to contribute towards the concept of ‘unity in diversity’. We have formulated three price categories.  Three prices, each 500 €:

  • BXL School/Class Entry: Best performing free interpretation song & dance
    • Category 10 – 18 years
    • Performed by (one or) more class(es) from schools in Brussels
  • BXL Youth Entry: Best performing free interpretation song & dance
    • Category <23 years
    • Individuals and or groups living in Brussels
  • WORLD Entry: Best performing international free interpretation song & dance
    • Category international and all ages

The music clip for the song will be recorded on the 27th November in Brussels, together with Belgium Sport heroes, Mbo Mpenza and the Minister of Sport Ms. Fadila Laanan. We will in due time announce two locations for the citizens of Brussels (via FACEBOOK) to participate in the video clip.

Timetable song:

  • Nov 20 (Utrecht) Audio studio recording song
  • Nov 27 (Brussels) Music video clip recording
  • Dec 14 2016 Release song and start competition
  • 17 March 2017 Announcement nominees (3 per category) by BXL government
  • 25 April 2017 Winners honoured in Molenbeek

The song is performed by a Belgium – Dutch group of artists:

  • Ronin Movin Arts for the dance/ making of the clip
  • Quentin Hendricks for the French rap
  • Rocky Soekha for the Dutch rap
  • Scott & Young the singer / songwriter duo with band

The YouTube Channel “Change Our Game” will post all incoming video’s for song contest. Please find hereby the link to the video channel which also includes the campaign video’s for the fundraising  (with FR/ EN subtitles): UCFAJTkS2VB4dWKEtCyD_J1Q

Statements/ quotes:

Sport heroes

Mbo Mpenza

Fadila Laanan

Ahmed El Khannouss, Alderman for Sports of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean



Unico van Kooten et Ahmed Larouz (co-initiators PlayandPeace) : ,

Press office of the city Molenbeek-Saint-Jean : Virginie Pochet, –

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