The Waste Crisis is Global. Waste Masters Africa is established to support raising awareness of the importance of proper waste management and recycling across the great continent of Africa.

Per year the world is dumping and landfilling (in different qualities) 1,4 billion tons of municipal waste. This is an equivalent of 140 bags of 10 kilogram each on all cars in the world. Every year and building. Almost no African countries has developed an modern waste management and recycling infrastructure yet. So let’s team-up for this challenge. Together we can improve the situation!

Education and sharing of knowledge and expertise are key motors for #change!

Per year we dump 660 million tons of municipal waste. This is 5 fully filled Wembley stadiums per day! Two continents are the most affected. Asia and Africa. Let’s try to improve the situation. Together we win!

More to come soon!

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